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The Y at the Cascade People’s Center is currently raising funds to continue the work we are doing in the community. Please consider financially supporting the Y@CPC!

At the Y at the Cascade People’s Center we provide a space for social, cultural, educational and recreational opportunities for all who live, work and play in the Cascade neighborhood. The South Lake Union community is one of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. We create community experiences that cross socioeconomic barriers through unique programming, such as:

  • Intergenerational Homework Help provides a quiet and safe space for children and caregivers experiencing homelessness to receive 1:1 tutoring.
  • Pop-Up Technology Labs bring employment service to residents of recovery and housing programs in the neighborhood.
  • Free All-Ages Yoga offers weekly wellness opportunities to all.
  • Inclusive Community Potlucks gather community members to provide nourishment and relationship building opportunities every month.
  • Community Coffee Hour provides a welcoming and warm space for hungry neighbors instead of waiting outside to access the food bank.

All Leaders Day (3 of 4)When you financially support the Y at the Cascade People’s Center, you help foster a safe space where neighbors from all backgrounds build community and meet each other’s needs with dignity and respect.

Please consider supporting the Y at the Cascade People’s Center by following this link!

Community Advisory Council

 Goal & Commitment

The goal of the Community Advisory Council is to have a consistent, balanced, and committed group of representatives from the community come together as a collective voice to provide guidance for the Y and the Seattle Parks Department with recommendations about the programming opportunities, direction, and focus of the Y @ Cascade People’s Center (CPC).  This Advisory Council will meet quarterly and as needed to support this goal.


  1. An interest in the Cascade Neighborhood by being a resident, worker, or regular visitor with a viable stake in the well-being of this community.
  1. An interest in seeing the YMCA develop valuable programming options and events in the Cascade People’s Center that meet local needs of the community, and also fulfill the mission of the YMCA and our sponsor, Seattle Parks and Recreation.
  2. Commitment to work positively, openly and directly with staff and volunteers of the Metrocenter YMCA and Seattle Parks and Recreation, to help chart the course of programs and activities taking place at the Cascade People’s Center.



  1. Attendance and participation in quarterly Council meetings.
  2. Familiarity with YMCA and the Seattle Parks Department’s philosophy and mission, and with the programs of the Metrocenter YMCA branch in Seattle.
  1. Represent the Y @ Cascade People’s Center in outreach to the community.
  2. Ensure that the programs, events, and activities sponsored by the Y @ Cascade People’s Center are consistent with the needs and wants of community members.
  3. Assist in identifying resources and partnerships to support the CPC.
  4. Be a positive role model for YMCA program participants, volunteers, and visitors to CPC. Maintain the highest standards of public decorum while remaining impartial, accountable, and respectful to colleagues and the people of the Cascade neighborhood.


Are you interested in becoming a member of the Community Advisory Council? Please email cascade@seattleymca.org to request an application.

All Leaders Day!

Yesterday, the Y@CPC celebrated All Leaders Day since many young people in our neighborhood had no school for Presidents Day. We started the day with Community Coffee Hour where we shared hot drinks with over 50 community members and heard conversations in seven languages.

All Leaders Day (1 of 4)

Starting the day with cereal provided by Immanuel Community Services!

This is what an international, intergenerational Community Computer Lab looks like. 

This is what an international, intergenerational Community Computer Lab looks like.

All Leaders Day (3 of 4)

Coloring the “All Leaders Day” banner.

All Leaders Day (4 of 4)

The finished product! Can you recognize any names? (click the image to enlarge)

We got to play outside, read books from our Neighborhood Appreciation Day book swap, and learn about the incredible Malala Yousafzai! Who are leaders that you recognize and celebrate?

Martin Luther King Day Programming

Between our Community Coffee Hour, afternoon MLK Day Programming, and Homework Help, we saw 77 participants come through the Y@CPC! Check out some of the great artwork and smiles from youth in the neighborhood.CPC MLK-10



Also, for anyone with children in your life, be sure to check out Reading Rainbow’s new video about Martin Luther King, Jr. The kids here thought it was a huge hit!

YMCA Earth Service Corps

One of the amazing programs that is housed at the Y@ the Cascade People’s Center is YMCA Earth Service Corps, or YESC. Check out these key questions to learn more about what YESC is all about:

YESC LogoWhat is the history of YMCA Earth Service Corps?

The roots of YMCA Earth Service Corps (YESC) trace back to 1989, when the Metrocenter YMCA recognized an opportunity to engage youth in a service-based leadership program that addressed growing concerns about the environment. With the enthusiasm of youth and avid support from parents, teachers, and community leaders, YESC partnered with five schools and organized the first Environmental Symposium that engaged 270 students from 13 Seattle-area high schools in environmental workshops. In its first year, YESC club members helped kick-off recycling programs in 20 schools and stenciled hundreds of storm drains throughout the city. From this point, YESC has spent the last 25 years building leadership through environmental service by facilitating projects ranging from restoring local green spaces to initiating composting programs to creating rain gardens with youth from across the greater Seattle area.

YESCWhy is YESC important?

YESC is a unique organization that not only focuses on improving the state of the environment, but also engages youth in leadership and development initiatives that are centered around service in their communities. By combining young people’s passion for the environment with leadership opportunities, we are empowering young adults to be effective and responsible citizens. YESC is dedicated to providing platforms and opportunities for youth voice and ownership; this is reflected in the vast number of youth who attend and participate in YESC clubs at their schools and YESC events and service projects outside of school. So far in the 2014-2015 school year, YESC has engaged over 500 youth in environmental projects and service.

“By combining young people’s passion for the environment with leadership opportunities, we are empowering young adults to be effective and responsible citizens.”

YESC Event IIWhat has been one of YESC’s highlights for this year?

Our most recent regional event was the Environmental Leaders Summit, where over 80 youth and 40 adults from the Puget Sound area came together to discuss various environmental topics in a round-table format. Environmental professionals hosted 17 different topics that students could choose from, with topics ranging from climate change in the Pacific Northwest to access to the outdoors. Participants engaged in 20-minute discussions on these environmental issues and discussed  solutions that youth could work towards in their communities. Our Summit culminated with a Town Hall discussion, in which youth shared their takeaways from the event as well as their personal environmental action pledges. Students, adults, and staff left the Summit feeling inspired by the energy and passion that clearly filled the room!

YESC Event

What is one thing you hope readers take away?

YESC hopes that readers recognize the value of youth enrichment programs that focus on environmental education and action. Service-based learning and leadership come together seamlessly to develop and encourage our youth to be global and local citizens. As our country and world face urgent matters of environmental degradation, it is critical that we support each other and strive towards a more sustainable society.


Above: YESC Seattle 2014-2015 Team. From Left: Courtney Bobsin, Stephanie Ung, Geoff Eseltine, Haverty Brown, Dani Lang.

To learn more, like YESC on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, or contact them at yesc@seattleymca.org or (206) 839-8913.

Coming up in January & February!

Mark your calendars for these exciting events that are coming up in January and February!


MLK Programming for Youth & Families

Monday, January 19
1 – 5pm

Since schools are closed, youth and families are welcome to come and have fun while learning more about why we observe MLK day.




Weekend Fun: Board Game Day!

Saturday, January 24
2 – 5pm

Settlers of Catan, Connect Four, Dixit, Apples to Apples…it’s gonna be a good time!


More to be posted soon! :)



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